July 31, 2005

My new pad...

So, as much as I love Carthage and the proximity of our apartment to the beach, I've moved out. The daily commute was an hour each way, and it just didn't leave much time for studying Arabic, socializing, and exploring the city as I would like.

I now have a place in the Bourguiba Institute's dormitory, just 15 minutes from the school. My room is simple, but nice enough. Actually, the cinderblock walls, linoleum floors, small size, and thin walls remind me quite a bit of my old college dorm room in Pierce Tower, at the University of Chicago.

My roommate is Swiss (of part-Tunisian descent), and we can communicate imperfectly in four languages (English, German, Italian, and Arabic). Somehow that epitomizes the Bourguiba dormitory experience!


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